A great review of our stereo system HTA-800 hybid amplifier and TAV-806F floorstanding speakers by “Audiophile Heaven”.

All sonic impressions have been taken in the Taga HTA-800 + 806F pairing, both the speakers and the amplifier play a role in getting the final result. 

The sound of Taga 806F speakers can be described as very wide, smooth, slightly soft, they have a recessed midrange that's easy to listen to, and their bass is the focus of their sound, as the bass is very punchy and deep-filling, they have that high-quality kind of bass you hear in an expensive club when you go out with your friends. 

The bass is clean, punchy and rather deep. Since they have two large woofers, they can really deliver both depth and punch, but also give a good sense of rattle, but they aren't overly warm nor overly bassy. There is a bit of a sonic coloration towards a darkish tonality, but this is more given by their lean and recessed midrange, especially in the upper midrange, and also by their recessed treble. The bass can keep up the speed with technical death metal, but has the proper extension and depth for dance music, for a room with a medium to large size, it is absolutely perfect
The midrange is smooth and recessed, with at least a few dB's compared to the bass. The midrange is clean, clear, but has a recessed upper midrange presentation. The Soundstage width and depth are extremely impressive, and this setup really explains why you'd want a proper speaker setup for soundstage and instrument separation, and for a really wide experience. The thing to notice, and to keep in mind here, is that it is absolutely important to place the speakers in a triangle with equal sides between you and them, this is extremely important to get the best of the soundstage, of the staging effects, and to get the best overall sound out of them.

The treble is really smooth and doesn't impose itself, gives the speakers a really easy-to-listen-to nature, and they feel clean and relaxed. Of course, this compliments more smooth music like Jazz and Classical more than Metal, but given their really deep and impressive bass, I had an amazing time listening to Pop and Electronic music as well, they work well with anything that's supposed to have a good amount of impact…

Overall, Taga Harmony HTA-800 + 806F is a pretty beautiful setup that you can look at for hours, but also listen to for hours, without getting tired, and they will surely add a bit of style to your desk and life.

Value and Conclusion
Looking at the value of the entire setup, the whole setup rounds out to about 800 USD, including cables and everything you'd need, minus a DAC. But since the DAC inside HTA-800 is fairly good, I think that it is fair to consider the whole HTA800 + 806F system a deal at 800 USD. Well, at that price, you get a preamp, DAC, power amplifier, and two floorstander speakers, so the value is clearly pretty good, just the raw materials for this setup cost a large part of this. 

Furthermore, they come well packaged, and they have a really nice build quality, I didn't notice any build issues with Taga - 806F, nor with the Amplifier, overall I'm impressed with what Taga Harmony has been able to pull for such little money, they clearly know how to make something good and affordable….

The overall sound is clean, clear, smooth, lush, bassy, punchy, very wide and well separated, very holographic, with a recessed midrange, and pretty good dynamics. 
If you're looking for an affordable floorstander speaker setup, with a deep bass, wide soundstage, and impressive overall aesthetics, you should totally consider getting the Taga HTA-800 + Taga 806F speaker setup…