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Coral F-120

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The flagship Coral series speaker!

The flagship Coral series speaker – the Coral F-120 is a splendid 3.5-way floorstanding speaker with one of the woofers located on the bottom rear of its cabinet.

It was designed and engineered to generate high power and to build musical scene necessary to fill larger rooms with remarkable sound.

It has been achieved thanks to:

  • Adding the extra high-end TRSCD (Taga Reinforced Straw Cone Driver) woofer located on the bottom rear of its cabinet and working in a separate chamber

  • Significantly increasing internal volume of the speaker’s cabinet (now it is 5cm taller and 7cm deeper than the smaller Coral F-80)

  • Increasing thickness of cabinet’s walls (18mm for all walls comparing to 15mm in the Coral F-80, and 25mm to 18mm for the front baffle respectively)

  • Serious redesign of the crossover

The result is awe-inspiring sound - very natural, clean, coloration-free and rich sound of vocals and instruments as well as extremely deep and accurate bass.

The beautifully crafted enclosures in luxurious wood veneer or elegant reinforced high gloss finishes powered by groundbreaking technology and advanced developments.

The Coral F-120 elegant simplicity and quality bring you closer to the sound of the original recording – we have used our passion and love for music making you happier while listening!

Design Floorstanding, 3.5-way, 4 drivers
Bi-wiring, bi-amp
TLIE enclosure
Crossover points: 250Hz, 1.8kHz, 2kHz
Power handling 20- 220W (recommended amplifier power)
165W RMS
Frequency response 28Hz - 40kHz
Bassreflex Front single
Rear single
Impedance 6ohm
Sensitivity 90dB
High-frequency driver 25 mm (1”), TPTTD-I, TPAF
Bass-Midrange driver 165 mm (6.5"), TPACD
Bass driver 2 x 165 mm (6.5"), TRSCD
Dimensions (H x W x D) 97.5 x 19.5 x 36 cm (incl. base, excl. spikes)
Weight 23 kg / pc. (incl. base)
Real wood veneer colours
Walnut veneer with clear matt lacquer Walnut veneer with clear matt lacquer
Paint colours
High gloss white High gloss white

CORAL Series


TLIE –Taga Low Interference Enclosures are made of high-quality, high-density MDF boards (18mm in CORAL F-120, 15mm in CORAL F-80 and 12mm in Center & Surround speakers) with inside braces (floorstanding models) to increase stiffness and limit any unwanted resonances.

The shapes are perfectly crafted not only to look wonderful and modern but mainly to lower any unwanted vibrations, diffractions or turbulences, which can affect the sound performance.

Acoustical damping material used inside cabinets eliminates problem of internal standing waves and bass-reflex ports are uniquely designed to reduce distortions to minimum.  

Floorstanding models sit on massive bases with spikes that provide stability and good isolation of speakers from the floor.

HIGH GLOSS – Minimum 7 layers of paint (reinforced) plus 1 layer of the base coat.
WOOD VENEERS - Minimum 3 layers of paint (reinforced) plus 1 layer of the base coat.


4. TPTTD Pure-titanium dome
5. Metal grill

6. TPAF Pure Aluminum Faceplate
8. Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire (CCAW) voice coil  with silver wiring
16. Black sponge 
17. Aluminum heatsink
18. Neodymium magnet            

Revised second generation TPTTD-I (Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome) uses neodymium magnet for a higher efficiency and more precise and extended high-frequency response. Ferrofluid cooling and heavy duty CCAW and silver wiring voice coil help the tweeter to  bear high power and its performance is very accurate, clear, smooth and detailed.

TPAF (Taga Pure Aluminum Faceplate) helps further dispersion of high-frequencies.


1. T-YOKE / Pole piece 
2. Oversized ferrite magnet

3. Top plate  
7. Aluminum injection-molded chassis with anti-oxidation surface process
8. Flat wire copper voice coil
9. Terminal
10. Spider
11. TPACD Pure aluminum cone and rubber surround
12. Pure aluminum dust cap

The totally new 6.5” TPACD Taga Pure Aluminum Cone Driver (with aluminum chassis and dust cap and oversized Φ90 magnet) with a butyl suspension can move very fast and frequently allowing mid-range frequencies to be very rich, spacious and sweet. Heavy duty combo T-yoke, pure copper voice coil can stand high temperatures and power inputs. 


1. T-YOKE / Pole piece 
2. Oversized ferrite magnet

3. Top plate  
7. Aluminum injection-molded chassis with anti-oxidation surface process
8. Flat wire copper voice coil
9. Terminal
10. Spider
11. TRSCD Reinforced Straw Cone Driver
12. Straw knitting dust cap
15. Additional magnet

TRSCD Taga Reinforced Straw Cone Driver with the oversized magnet Φ100 magnet (F-120, F-80) and Φ90 (C-40/S-40) and heavy duty combo T-yoke, pure copper voice coil, allow for a high power handling as well as deep, precise and detailed bass performance (and detailed, rich and spacious midrange frequencies in mid-woofers models). 

The structure of a cone.


BOM Bassreflex Omnidirectional Module - low-turbulence and high-velocity ports utilizing concave diffusers for increased dispersion of low frequencies. Ports are rubber coated for more luxurious look and to provide even better effect on a sound performance.


High quality, close-tolerance and precisely selected crossovers’ components and internal wires for absolute sound neutrality, high long-term power and reliability.


TAGA Harmony utilizes high quality of internal wiring connecting crossovers with drivers assuring that incoming audio signals from receiver or amplifier will not lose any important details on the paths to drivers.


All speakers (including center and surround speakers) use high quality, gold-platted banana binding posts accepting raw speaker cables up to 10AWG and most popular types of connectors.

The front speakers use upgraded, high-end banana binding posts allowing bi-wiring for wider dispersions and spaciousness, higher sonic accuracy and more precise location.

Stereo i Kolorowo
Stereo i Kolorowo
Stereo i Kolorowo
Stereo i Kolorowo
Coral F-120
Coral F-120 "Audio-Stereo"
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