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Born in Europe – Crafted for the World

We have always considered the Platinum as one of the most important series in the premium category. That is why high expectations were placed on our development team during crafting the newest Platinum v.3 edition.

We were committed to create extraordinary speakers in terms of sound performance. 
We have to admit without any doubt that the final result is amazing and even exceeds our expectations. 

We do believe that the Platinum v.3 speakers are the best sounding loudspeakers in their price level and far beyond.

As always we focused mostly on intensive listening tests and sound adjustments rather than on creating perfect specifications on paper because music and generally sound is about emotions, feelings and passion. Not only specialists were involved in the process but all of us at TAGA Harmony because we share the same love for the perfect sound.

Our Platinum v.3 slogan “Born in Europe – Crafted for the World” is a very serious commitment and we treat it that way. That is why our Polish designer and one of the best and well-known audio reviewers Mr. Arek Ogrodnik personally tuned each model in the series. To honor his great craftsmanship and to emphasize a unique character of this project we named the crossovers in the Platinum v.3 series as “Ogrodnik Crossovers”. 

Internal wiring was custom designed and built for the Platinum v.3 series by XLO U.S.A. – one of the best audio cables manufacturer in the World. 

It is not easy to write about the sound performance as it is difficult to write about emotions – we always encourage to listen to and feel the sound by yourself. But if we are to say a few words about the Platinum v.3 character it would be: deep, perfectly controlled and defined bass, smooth and rich midrange and appealing, detailed and crystal clear highs as well as very open and airy soundstage. Of course these are only words but there is real passion, feelings and love for music behind the Platinum v.3 – we do love them and crafted them with love and we believe you will share the same!

The Platinum IW-100 LCRS is designed to work in front (left and right), center or surround channels in multi-channel theatre systems. 
The speaker is ready for on-wall installations in both vertical and horizontal orientation or can be discreetly placed into custom-built cabinetry.
Thanks to its slim design it is an ideal partner for modern curved TVs.

The Platinum IW-100 LCRS design is based on the Platinum F-100 v.3 technology with updates required by its specific construction.

Design In-wall Left / Center / Rear / Surround
3-way, 4 drivers

TLIE-I enclosure
SSCS in-wall clamp system
Crossover points: 550Hz, 4.2kHz
Power handling 20 -200W (recommended amplifier power)
150W RMS
Frequency response 39Hz - 40kHz
Impedance 4ohm
Sensitivity 92dB
High-frequency driver 25 mm (1”), TPTTD-I, TWG-I
Midrange driver 133 mm (5.25") TPACD-I, TRCS
Bass driver 2 x 165 mm (6.5") TPACD-I, TRCS
Features / accessories Magnetically mounted grill
Dimensions (H x W x D or Dia x D) Vertically:
77 x 31 x 12.5 cm (front panel with grill)
74 x 28 x 11.2 cm (front panel without grill)
71.6 x 25.6 x 11 cm (dimensions in the wall)
Cutout Dimensions (H x W or Dia) 72.4 x 26.4 cm (vertically)
Minimum Mounting Depth 12 cm
Weight 13 kg / pc.
Paint colours
Matt black Matt black

PLATINUM v.3 series - IW models


TLIE-I -The 2nd generation of Taga Low Interference Enclosures is made of high-quality, high-density 15mm thick MDF boards to increase stiffness and limit any unwanted resonances.
The front panel protrudes from the wall and is designed to stiffen the edges of the mounting hole.

New high-end enclosure damping material is used to better break up the standing waves, lower resonances and limit distortions what improves the smoothness and characteristics of sound in all ranges.

White fabric magnetically mountable grill to keep more sleek appearance of speaker front panel and new drivers as well as to lower distortions when the grill is taken off.

SSCS (Safe Screw Clamp System) - easy and secure in-wall installation (both vertically and horizontally) with 8 metal clamps (4 for each longer speaker side).


1. T-YOKE / Pole piece
2. Copper ring
3. Oversized ferrite magnet
4. Top plate
5. TPTTD-I Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome and CCAW voice coil with silver wiring
6. TWG-I faceplate - basis
7. Metal grill
8. TWG-I faceplate - front panel

TPTTD-I – the 2nd generation Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome utilizes a new differently shaped and lighter titanium dome as well as an addition of a copper ring on the T-yoke to increase and widen SPL and at the same time lower distortions and to provide faster and more accurate movement of the dome reflecting in more detailed and airy sound.

TWG-I - Taga WaveGuide  tweeter faceplateA specialized horn-like design of the tweeter's faceplate utilizing concave diffusers as well as dome metal grill assists with equal and flat dispersion of sound in and off the axis of the driver. In the newest edition the shape and depth have been redesigned to allow better flow of sound stream and even wider dispersion which helps to build a more three-dimensional and natural soundstage. Minimizing the number of components means better structural rigidity, lower distortions and resonances.


1. T-YOKE / Pole piece
2. Oversized ferrite magnet
3. Top plate
4. Aluminum injection-molded chassis with anti-oxidation surface process
5. Spider
6. Flat wire copper voice coil
7. TPACD-I Taga Pure Aluminum Cone and TRCS rubber surround
8. Pure aluminum dust cap

TPACD-I – the 2nd generation Taga Pure Aluminum Cone Drivers utilize rigid aluminum chassis and provide ultra-fast movement for smooth, rich and very natural midrange frequency response as well as deep, precise and detailed bass performance.
- Differently shaped and lighter aluminum cones allow faster, more accurate movement of the cone reflecting in more detailed and airy sound.
- New flat pure aluminum dust cap to increase air flow and smoothen the frequency response.
- Heavy duty and powerful motor structure including oversized magnets: Φ90 in the midrange driver and  Φ100 in woofers ​​and totally new flat wire copper voice coils offer higher power handling and longer operation time without increased temperature generating better and more dynamic sound performance.

TRCS - Taga Reversed Cone Surround provides more stable, faster and greater range of cone movement reflecting in higher dynamics and more precise and neutral sound.


Ogrodnik crossovers - Platinum v.3 series’ performance is controlled by Ogrodnik crossover sections. They are specially and personally designed and engineered by well recognized Polish loudspeaker designer and audio press reviewer Mr. Arek Ogrodnik. We use minimal number of high quality and carefully selected components in the high-pass and low-pass crossover sections to ensure the best neutrality, to handle massive amounts of power and to provide the greatest precision.


Internal wiring custom designed and built for the Platinum v.3 series by XLO U.S.A. – one of the best audio cables manufacturer in the World. 14AWG multi-stranded Oxygen Free Copper XLO internal wiring is used for connecting all drivers with crossovers and to ensure that the incoming signal will not lose the most important details on the path from the amplifier to the drivers.

The high quality, gold-plated banana binding posts are accepting raw speaker cables up to 10AWG and most popular types of connectors.
The posts are located on the shorter side of the cabinet for easy access and not to increase the mounting depth.

Super AV (China)
Super AV (China)
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