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The TS-4 is a 1-source, 4-zone speaker selector.

TAGA Harmony speaker selector is a device which is an efficient, cost-effective way of expanding an audio system at home or commercial venues (bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, conference rooms etc.) into a complex multi-room sound system.

The speaker selector distributes audio signals from an audio source (amplifier, receiver etc.) to speakers located in different zones.

The TS-4 can work with a single audio source and 4 zones.

Each zone can be independently activated or deactivated.

This selector is equipped with the impedance protection circuit. Once activated regardless of the number and nominal impedance of connected speakers it protects the audio source (amplifier) from being damaged due to impedance drop.

All functions are conveniently located on the front panel for easy access.

An additional speaker selector can be connected to this TS selector in order to expand system capabilities and to add extra zones.

Main features:
Convenient spring cable terminals..

Accepts speaker cables up to 14AWG.

Sample use of TAGA Harmony speaker selectors:

Design Speaker selektor
Zones 4 zones
Audio source (amplifier) 1
Audio source (amplifier) power supported 140W MAX per channel
70W RMS per channel
Features / accessories Independently for each zone:
Activate / deactivate zone

Protecting circuit switch
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.9 x 21.6 x 11.2 cm
Black Black
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User manual (09-2020) Download