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Plugs and Connectors

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The proper termination of speaker cables is crucial to the quality of the transmitted signal.

We offer our premium quality banana plugs which are used the high-end Platinum speaker cables as a standalone product.

The plugs are made of high-grade gold plated copper to limit losses of signal quality.

TAGA Harmony logo is laser cut on the shells - it is elegant and very robust.

Packet (2 pieces black, 2 pieces red)

Design Banana plugs
Cable hole 10.5mm (±0.3mm)

Fits speaker cables up to 16 x 18AWG
Body and pin Direct gold plating on copper [body and external pin]
Spring steel [internal pin]
Copper [mounting screw]
Shell Copper
Key features / accessories Availability:
Packet (2 pcs. black, 2 pcs. red)
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