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If you face problems with the sound transparency and its weak resolution as well as when your speakers deliver unclear and poorly defined bass then our TSF-002 feet-spikes set comes to the rescue!

Isolation of the speaker from the floor to lower its interaction with other objects and surfaces in the room. The result is clearer and more detailed sound with the punchy and well defined bass.

Limitation of unwanted mechanical vibrations which can negative impact the sound performance. Thanks to exceptionally rigid design and built (Nylon-reinforced feet with aluminum spikes).

Compensation of uneven surface thanks to the adjustable spikes height (0-3mm).

Providing extra stability for the speaker to reduce the risk of it being tipped over.

Universal M8 thread compatibility for both feet and spikes, allowing interchangeably to use the feet-spikes or only the spikes. 

Easy DIY installation in standard M8 threaded sockets.

Extremely massive design! It supports the weight of the speaker up to 45 kgs (99.21 lbs)* 
* applies to the speaker installed on 4 feet-spikes or only 4 spikes

Elegant and discreet design to add extra chic to your speaker set!


Design Set of 4 speaker feet-spikes
Height 19.7 mm (without spikes)
44.7 mm (min incl. spikes)
Foot dimensions Lenght: 95 mm
Width: 30 mm
Height: 15 – 19.7 mm
Top pad: height 10 mm / diameter 30 mm

Rear foot edge to rear bolt hole center: 12 mm
Between centers of bolt holes: 20 mm
Spike dimensions Total height: 59 mm
Min height (fully screwed in): 25 mm
M8 thread
Spike height adjustment range 0 - 3 mm (in foot)
Maximum speaker weight 45 kg / set
(on 4 x feet-spikes or 4 x spikes)
Installation requirements Two threaded M8 sockets
Min socket depth: 25 mm
TAGA Harmony compatible speakers Ready-to-use (equipped with M8 sockets):
Set content Foot x 4 pcs.
Round top pad x 4 pcs.
Aluminum spike x 4 pcs.
M8 bolt x 8 pcs.
Weight 0.6 kg / set


Paint colours
Matt black Matt black