TAGA Harmony

TWA-10B network player RECOMMENDED

A rave review and RECOMMENDATION for our TWA-10B network player by the “Stereo i Kolorowo” magazine (06-2022).

Apart from the fact that the TWA-10B is flawlessly built and equipped with fine electronics, it also sounds great!..

The TAGA Harmony player offers a saturated, lively and smooth sound. Fluent, natural and balanced sound. The one that optimally differentiates individual tones, vividly shows their colors and dynamizes the music, takes care of its regular expression, shape and dimension. The streamer neutralizes unpleasant components in the message - it comprehensively smooths roughness and breaks lumps, but at the same time does not enter any unnecessary colorlessness or indistinctness. Maintains complex vividness, body and richness of the sound. Provides careful insight into the structure and detail, while maintaining a healthy and safe distance. The sound is energetic and uniform at the same time. Proportional. Not too big and not too small. Symmetrical in terms of every dimension, color and depth. And thanks to this, it is very pleasant to receive. Nice in contact. Kind.

The sound of the TWA-10B would be most precisely called universal and common- communicating on many tonal levels, in every practical and consensual form. It is a message of a reasonable middle (compromise), i.e. pragmatic and constructive. Objective. Based mainly on the midrange, because here the most activity takes place, there is the highest degree of tonal density, although fortunately TAGA Harmony does not forget about the other ranges as well. It does not cover them and does not shade with its power its ample midrange.

The bass is muscular and clear, but slightly rounded, maybe even a bit hardened. It also doesn't have the sophisticated continuity and layering found in higher-end devices, but it's generally not bad. The low frequencies have a solid structure and mass. Similarly, the sopranos - although present and clear, they are located at a slight distance, not attacking the listener's ears with their insistence…

Taking into account the reasonable price of the title streamer, it can be called revolutionary. A large number of music lovers have been waited a long time for "something" like the TWA-10B, which is a relatively inexpensive, universal and reliable network player! RECOMMENDATION!