TAGA Harmony

5 stars for TWA-10B

"hificlass" reviews our TWA-10B network player:

We will not meet aggressive and insistent high tones nor a sharpened midrange in the sound of this network player, even if we reach for rock music. Listening to the Queen band from their album "Innuendo", the TWA-10B provided a lot of information, not only in terms of the sound stage size , but also all the details that fill it. Despite the smoothness of the presentation, which I mentioned earlier, TAGA Harmony presented an impressive and dynamic sound with a low extended bass…

The TWA-10B was able to achieve the correct expression level. The bass was characterized by good motor skills and rhythm.

Its operation is intuitive and does not cause problems with the configuration.

The TWA-10B provides the sound quality that I have not expected from such an inexpensive device. Its sound is saturated, dynamic and impressive; besides it is tonally balanced with maturity characterizing more advanced, and therefore more expensive, designs…
So, if you are looking for a good-sounding, and at the same time inexpensive and easy-to-use network player, then TAGA Harmony will meet your expectations with a vengeance! Personally, I highly recommend this device to all lovers of good sound, and for little money.