TAGA Harmony

TAGA Harmony has succeeded in this player, oh, they have done it!

“wstereo.pl” recommends our TWA-10B network player (06-2022).

The playing spaciousness made the biggest impression on me. It was something! In this respect, TAGA Harmony is a competitor to devices that are several times more expensive.

TAGA Harmony has succeeded in this player, oh, they have done it! The company has created a miniature device that costs ridiculous money, can sound like a full-fledged component of an inexpensive but good audiophile system and it is really very functional. TAGA Harmony TWA-10B as a network player will meet the expectations of many amateurs of good sound, it can be used to build more than only an additional system for a bedroom or office. Wireless transmission, ease of use, compatibility with major streaming services and, above all, really good sound quality are the advantages of this player. However, the really huge potential lies in this device used as a streamer. Connecting even an inexpensive but good DAC to it with a decent digital cable and adding a better power supply allows us to get a really high quality sound: very spacious and coherent, engaging and malleable, fast and dynamic. I think that not only streamers built on the basis of the popular Raspberry do not stand a chance with it, but also some designs that cost much more than the tiny TAGA Harmony. My recommendation.