TAGA Harmony

TWA-10B network streamer recommended again!

"Audiokrytyk" recommends our TWA-10B streamer.

When writing reviews of inexpensive devices, you often have to add comments about the sound in brackets, like "at this price" or "in this price category". Well, let me start with the fact that TAGA turns its price category to dust and generally how the heck to classify it in terms of the price.
Some aspects of the sound are on par with equipment ten times more expensive. I mean the bass or dynamics - it's a cosmos! Without even a slight exaggeration, I will find streamers on the market for over 5000PLN [approx.$1100] that will not play with better dynamics and bass than this funny little box from TAGA.

If someone wants to pay only for the sound, not for the housing and listens to uncomplicated entertainment music from Spotify or Tidal, and at the same time has a well-playing DAC in their stereo, then he must be, pardon me, a fool having 800PLN to spend and to not buy  this device…
I don't know how they did it, but it turned out even better than well.