TAGA Harmony


"Stereo i Kolorowo" recommends our HTR-1500CD hybrid system.

Taga Harmony HTR-1500CD is a universal "all-in-one" system (including an amplifier, network and CD player, radio receiver, DAC, phono stage), for which only speakers need to be selected.
It is aesthetically and solidly made, is nicely designed, and high-quality materials were used for the construction. In terms of sound, it represents an unexpectedly high level - it plays energetically, lively and impressively. But at the same time in an organized and harmonious way. Genre-like. Another big advantage is a friendly, reasonable price. I recommend the HTR-1500CD to all hi-fi enthusiasts or music lovers who want to have a second hi-fi system, but also to those who are simply looking for a reliable, universal and hassle-free hi-fi device for playing sound from many formats.